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Distinguished Creativity and Innovation Experts

Paul Sloane

Innovation Consultant, Destination Innovation, UK
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Talk title: Why the Right Vision is Fundamental for Innovation Success.

Distinguished Prof. Barry Sanders

Chief Scientist, Creative Destruction Lab, Canada
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Talk title: Quantum computing for big data

Lauren Morrey

Director, Innovation Capabilities, Victoria State Government, Australia
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Talk title: Inovator's Mindset

Asitang Mishra

Senior Data Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

Talk title: Innovation Through Collaboration

Renee Nutbean

Business Analyst, ISPT, Australia

Expert panel: Environmental Technologies Innovation

Edward Kosior

CEO and Founder at Nextek, and Winner of Prince Philip Medal for plastic recycling, UK

Expert panel: Environmental Technologies Innovation Talk title: Recycling Innovations for the Circular Economy

Laura Anne Edwards

Oxford Space Initiative//Top 50 Leader in Space Tech and Resident-UC Irvine, Living Systems Collaboratory, Buckminster Fuller Institute, USA

Expert panelist: How Diversity of Thoughts is the Ultimate Innovation Hack

Kate O'Rourke

First Assistant Secretary, Consumer Data Right Division, Treasury, Australia

Experts Panel: FinTech

Martin Pazzani

Founder/Chairman at Act!vate Brain & Body Inc, USA

Talk title: Reinventing Fitness as Upstream Preventive Healthcare

Adj. Prof. David Soldani

Advisory Board Member, 6GWorld, Australia
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Talk: Digital Transformation

Jacyl Shaw

Global Director - GHD Digital D-Lab, Australia
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Walking the Talk- how to create an innovation strategy using design thinking under constraint

Dr. Tim Boyle 

Director, Innovation and Commercialisation, ANSTO Australia Government, Australia
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Talk Title: A Systematic Approach to Serendipity

Cindy Nicholson

CEO at serendipID and Braintree Pty Limited, Australia
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Talk: Why Human Transformation is an essential component of Digital Transformation

Dr. Simon Dewulf

CEO, AULIVE Software NV, Australia
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Talk title: Augmented Creativity: Patterns, Program, Patents.

Dr. Laura I. Rusu 

Founder & CEO at LENSELL, Australia
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Talk title: Trends and Fintech Innovation in Wealth Management

Caro Salazar

President & Founder, Design Thinking SwedenTM, Sweden

Expert Chair: How to wonder through questions on the path to innovation

Sarah Nally

General Manager, Design Practice, ASB Bank, New Zealand
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Why radical inclusion holds the key to universal design

Ian Reilly

Managing Director, Altrutec Pty Ltd, Australia
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Talk title: Sustainable Agriculture: The Agersens Story

Matt Nuccio

President, Design Edge Inc., USA
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A/Prof. Robyn Schofield

The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Charles B. Kovess 

CEO, Kovess International, Australia
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Dr. Amy Hahs

The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Shan Sharma

Global Bank, American multinational investment bank and financial services, Singapore
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Talk title: New Leadership for successful innovation.

Phoebe Gardner

Co-founder and CEO of Bardee, Australia
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Talk title: Sustainable agriculture

Daniel O'Connor

Consultant Principal, The Inventors Masterclass and IP and Commercialisation Specialist, Australia
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Engineering a Cashless IP Trade-Sale for Maximum Reward

Chloe Beevers

Strategic Artistry, trading as CURATE, Australia
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Expert panelist: Tech and Business Innovations 
Talk title: Pandemic disruption driving digital innovation for online engagement : future-proof through hybrid and online systems.

Silviu Dorian Chelaru

Owner and CEO, TRANSOCEANIC LLC and President at IPA SA, USA
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Peter Wachtel

Architecture & Product Innovation & Design Teacher and Chief Creative Kid, USA
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Talk title: CTE Teaching Innovation

Mahtab Mirmomeni

School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Talk title: AI for Digital Health

Costa Koulis

Co-Founder of Designerex, Australia
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Talk title: How Ecommerce Saved the World

Prof. Mark Elgar

The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Talk title: Bioinformed BioInspiration: natural selection, organisms and biological systems

Gary Erickson

Co Founder at Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd; Director at Sanaerchi Pty Ltd and Owner Skywatch Observatory, Australia
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Talk title: Lost in the Bubble - Innovation Skills and How to Use Them

Dr. Malka Halgamuge

The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Shape Our Future


Artist, Conductor of Imagination Workshops, Photographer at Ideaforia, USA

Talk title: Imagination – The Mater of Which the Future is Made

Stuart Stoyan

CEO at MoneyPlace and Founder at Fintech Census, Australia

Expert panel: FinTech

Cath Whitaker

Chief Executive Officer at SelfWealth, Australia

Expert panel: FinTech

Barry Winkless

CSO Cpl and Head of the future of work institute, Cpl, Ireland
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The Future of Work: The 3W’s of the next collaborative advantage

Brian Goldberg

Investor, IO Private Ventures and Trademark Counsel
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Protecting brands in Digital Global Marketplace

Prof. Peter Fisher

Honorary & Vice-Chancellor Fellows Group member, The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Innovation in a transitional world. A Nature-focussed approach

Meredith Angwin

Partner, Consulting, EY, Australia
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Melanie Roberts

Queensland Water Modelling Network Senior Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
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Using maths to save the reef!

Dr. Tilman Dingler

Computer Scientist, The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Talk title: The Use of Conversational Agents in Digital Health

Paul X McCarthy

CEO and Co-Founder at League of Scholars and CEO at Online Gracvity, Australia

Nikesh Lalchandani

Principal at Innovations Accelerated, Digital Identity - Architecture Service NSW, Australia

Talk title: Digital Identity - re-inventing the Internet?

Simon Julian

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Renti, Australia

Ismail Nawi

Managing Director at JAGYS GROUP and Senior Vice President at HUTAHAEAN GROUP, Indonesia

Talk title: Innovation Measurement on Lubricated Bearings

Dr Rita (Harika) Choueiri

Director (Partner) - R&D Incentives & Grants at William Buck

Unlock cash - What you need to know about the R&D Tax Incentive and Government Grants

Anand Tamboli

Principal Consultant at Anand Tamboli & Co and Principal Advisor at AI Australia, Australia
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Talk title: Innovation for effective business

Zachary Sweeney

Founder at WineTime, Australia

Paulina Larocca

Founder and Creative Director, Paulina Larocca Creative Catalyst, Australia

Dr. Peter Douglas

Independent scholar, Australia

Talk title: The Philosophy and Ethics of AI

Philippe Guichard

Award Winning International Industrial Designer, D2 design and development, Australia

Dr Tim Patston

Researcher and Consultant in Creativity at Creative Actions, Australia
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Talk title: Embeding systems of creativity

Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Distinguished Professor at Sharda University and Hon. Professor at Gulf Medical University, India

10 Minutes Innovation Masterclass

Prof. Raju Adhikari

Hon. Fellow at CSIRO and Director at CRAM Responsive Polymers Pty Ltd, Australia

Talk title: Sustainable Agriculture - Biodegradable Sprayable Mulch Technology

Jax Wechsler

Principal Designer at Sticky Design Studio and Founder at Social Design Sydney, Australia

Talk title: The Impact Planner : Plan, design, deliver, measure and report your impact

Sahar Andrade

Official member at Forbes Coaches Council and Diversity and Inclusion at UC Irvine, USA

Talk title: Unconscious Bias and stereotypes and their solutions

Darren Booth

Partner, National Head of Cyber Security & Privacy Risk Consulting, RSM Australia

Expert panel: FinTech

Christian Vecchiola

Technical Leader - Working on Blockchain Technologies, Cloud, and Beyond, Australia

Talk title: Blockchain Interoperability: Why it Matters and Why Now It is a Good Time

Prof. Mile Terziovski

Chair, Department Business Technology and Entrepreneurship (BTE), School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship (SoBLE) and Deputy Chair, Professoriate Board of Elected Representatives, Australian

Doron Ben-Meir

Chairman, InterValley Ventures and Managing Director, Superb Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia

Talk title: Commercialisation of Inventions

Niels Olsen

Minister of Tourism, Government of Ecuador, Ecuador

Rob Gell AM

Executive Director, ReThink Sustainability and President at The Royal Society of Victoria, Australia

Expert chair: Environmental Technologies Innovation Talk title: New technology solving old problems

Victor Perton

Chief Optimism Officer at The Centre for Optimism, Australia

Optimism for Innovation (Is it true only optimists can innovate?)

Andrew Maher

Group Managing Principal, Aurecon, Australia

Behnaz Rostami

Associate Director in Strategic Experience Design, KPMG, Australia

Laura Faulconer

Associate Partner at Antler, Australia

Kathryn Sforcina

Global Head of Strategy, IV.AI., Australia

Expert panel: Environmental Technologies Innovation

Michael Reiner Jansen

Managing Director and Principal Engineer, Power Technology Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia

John Hopkins

A/Professor, Supply Chain Management, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

The Key Ingredients for Successful Hybrid Work

Jen Storey

Managing Partner, Outside Insights Consulting, Australia

Sudhindra V.

Design & Digital Leader, IBM iX, Australia
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Expert chair: Customer Experience Design

Jeff Jones

Innovation Coach, Get-CSI Pty Ltd, Australia

Richard Smith

Director Of Sustainability - AFAP, Australia

Prof. Sujeeva Setunge

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, RMIT University, Australia
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Prof. David Winkler

LaTrobe University, Australia

Computational innovations for COVID origin and control

Jeremiah Mannings

Director of Analytics, PwC, Australia

Experts Panel: AI as Business Enabler

Bill Lang

Director at Small Business Australia, Australia
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Talk title: Human Networks Driving Innovation Acceleration

Elizabeth R (Liz) Skringar

Founding Partner, Trini-T Group, Australia

Talk title: The powerhouse of change

Louise Schultze

Executive Producer, Australian Production House, Australia

Experts Panel: Creativity and Innovations for Effective Business Talk title: How to market innovation?

Dr. Alessio Bonti

Academic Director Innovation at Deakin University, Australia
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Talk title: digital transformation in the education sector

Christian Guttmann

Vice President, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data, TietoEVRY, Sweden

Expert panel: Darta Science and AI as a Business Enabler

Pablo Juliano

Group Leader Food Processing and Supply Chains at CSIRO, Australia

Experts Panel:

Rosemary Addis

Portfolio driving innovation and investment for impact as Chair, Director, Leader, Strategist, Impact Strategist, Australia
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Talk title:

Soren Kaplan

University of Southern California, Praxie, Inc., USA
Talk title: Innovation Best Practices in a Post-Pandemic world

Bio: Soren Kaplan is the best-selling and award-winning author of Leapfrogging and The Invisible Advantage, an affiliate at USC’s Center for Effective Organizations, a columnist for Inc. Magazine , a leading keynote speaker , and the founder of Business Insider and the Thinkers50 have named him one of the world’s top management experts and consultants.

Soren Kaplan is the bestselling and award winning author of Leapfrogging and The Invisible Advantage, an Affiliate at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC’s Marshall School of Business, a writer for Inc. Magazine, a globally recognized keynote speaker, and the Founder of InnovationPoint and . Business Insider and the Thinkers50 have named him one of the world’s top management thought leaders and consultants.